Tweco Fabricator 141I MIG Stick TIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Tweco Fabricator 141I Review

The Tweco Fabricator 141I is a three-in-one welding machine that is quite low in weight. It has an amperage range between 10A and 140A. It is a great choice for both professional and DIY welders. It features many characteristics that make it easy to use. For a tool that delivers high-quality welds, it needs a relatively low power input. This package comes with several extras and is known for its durability.

Tweco, or the Townsend Welding Equipment Company, started in a basement at a Wichita home in 1936.

Today it is a brand of Victor Technologies International Inc., one of the leading suppliers of welding and cutting products.

The Tweco Fabricator 141I is a multipurpose welding machine that can be used for MIG, TIG, and stick welding.

It delivers up to 140A and weighs less than 33 lbs.

Key Specifications of Tweco Fabricator 141I

This unit is capable of three processes. It comes with the following features:

    • Infinite voltage control for precise voltage settings
    • Inductance control for arc stability and spatter control
    • Tweco Fusion MIG gun with 10ft. cable
    • Durable metal feed plate
    • 4 in. or 8 in. spool capacity
    • Ready spool gun
    • Adjustable burn back control
  • Stick
    • Adjustable arc force control
    • Hot start for easy arc starting
  • TIG
    • Lift TIG start for arc starting without using high frequency
    • Downslope to eliminate craters

The Tweco Fabricator 141I has all digital meters and a comprehensive setup chart. It allows for quick change polarity and intelligent fan control.

Its overload protection prevents overheating and the 4T latch trigger control reduces operator fatigue. Being light in weight, it’s extremely portable and is also suitable for outdoor use.

Check out this video to see the Tweco Fabricator 141 in action:


Major specifications of Tweco Fabricator 141I

Major SpecificationsDetails
ProcessesMIG (GMAW), Flux Cored (FCAW), Lift TIG (GTAW), STICK (SMAW)
ApplicationsDIY, automotive repairs, farms and ranches, light fabrication, portable welding applications
Amperage range10 A - 140 A
Rated output140 A / 19 V @ 15% Duty Cycle 90 A / 18.5 V @ 20% Duty Cycle
Maximum open circuit voltage53 V DC
Wire feed speed90 - 400 IPM
Weight32.2 lbs
Dimensions16.2 in. H x 8.3 in. W x 17.7 in D
Maximum output140 A
MIG (GMAW/FCAW) welding output @104 ̊F140 A / 19 V @ 15% Duty Cycle 90 A / 18.5 V @ 20% Duty Cycle
STICK (SMAW) welding output @104 ̊F90 A / 23 V @ 15% Duty Cycle 80 A / 23.2 V @ 35% Duty Cycle
TIG (GTAW) welding output @104 ̊F140 A / 15.6 V @ 15% Duty Cycle 100 A / 14 V @ 20% Duty Cycle
MIG welding voltage range14.5 V - 19 V
Power SpecificationsDetails
Primary voltage115 V
Supply voltage range95 V - 140 V AC
Number of phasesSingle-phase
Supply frequency50/60 Hz
Supply plugNEMA 5-20 P
Lead cord length10 ft.


How to assemble / Install Tweco Fabricator 141I

Getting the Tweco Fabricator 141I ready for action is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. They have a two-page start-up manual which you can access here.

Instructions with diagrams help you identify parts and assemble the wire spool gun, gas regulator, and MIG gun. They also explain the welding parameters for all three processes.

Watch this video in case you need further guidance:


How to Use Tweco Fabricator 141I

The Tweco Fabricator 141I has many features that allow ease of operation. The MIG gun trigger control makes it possible to keep welding without experiencing fatigue.

The digital meters give infinite control to get the precise settings you need.

The inductance control and TIG downslope feature yield clean welds that don’t require much post-weld maintenance.

You can learn more about how to weld using the Tweco Fabricator 141I from this video:


Warranty / Repairs

The Tweco Fabricator 141I comes with a warranty period of three years. In case of any defects or failures, contact the customer service of Victor Technologies International Inc.

Customers in the USA can call 800-426-1888. Those in Canada can call 905-827-4515. For international customers use the number 940-381-1212.

Customer Review Analysis

We analyzed several e-commerce websites and online forums to gauge what customers think of the Tweco Fabricator 141i.

Most customer reviews give it a rating upwards of three stars. Most prevalent were praises of its durability. Users are impressed by its multifunctional features and less weight.

What makes buyers happy is all the bonus accessories you get in this package. Some of them include drive rolls, electrode holders, contact tips, a 10ft. ground clamp, and a shoulder strap.

It was very hard to find any negatives about this unit, except maybe the expensive price. But then again, it’s next to impossible to find a versatile package like this for a lower price.


Pros/Cons of Tweco Fabricator 141I

After going through different consumer reports, expert comments, and supplementary research, we found the following pros and cons:


  • Multipurpose use
  • Low power input
  • Overload protection
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive


Recommended accessories with Tweco Fabricator 141I

Customers who bought the Tweco Fabricator 141I also bought the following:

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Thermal Arc W4013802 17V TIG Torch


Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet



Does this welder have infinite adjustable amperage or just infinite wire speed?

It has digital infinite controls on both the wire speed and voltage control.

Can it weld aluminum?

Yes, if you use a Tweco spool gun or TIG torch sold separately.

Can it plug into a standard home outlet? What’s the maximum thickness it can weld?

Yes, it can plug into a standard 115 V outlet. It can weld up to 3/16 in. in a single pass.

Our Recommendation

The Tweco Fabricator 141I is a great buy for all welding enthusiasts. Its primary applications include automotive repair and customization, farm or ranch work, and maintenance/repair.

It is an excellent choice for sheet metal and light fabrication. Home hobbyists can also accomplish a lot using this multifaceted machine.

For optimum results, we recommend purchasing a TIG gun and spool gun. With these accessories, this kit becomes a plethora of welding applications packed into one compact, portable unit.

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