Millermatic 212 MIG Welder Review

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In brief: Review of Millermatic 212 Welder

The Millermatic 212 Welder is a multifaceted product that is capable of welding material whose thickness would range from 22 Gauge to 3/8 inches. The welder is capable of performing both MIG and Flux Core Arc welding types. The machine is suited for thin to medium material thicknesses. The machine works on a single-phase power and is fit for light fabrication work, garage and body shops, technical schools or farms and ranches.

The Millermatic 212 Welder is a light-duty machine which can be used for a variety of domestic application such as furniture shops and small scale industry welding jobs.

The unique feature of the welder is that it has two settings namely Auto-set or Manual.

This allows the user to have options for voltage settings while working on a job.

The product is manufactured by Miller Electric, a company headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The company was found in 1929 and is a manufacturer of welding equipment. Stainless steel, steel, and aluminum can be welded with this machine.

The next section will elaborate on the key specifications of the product.

Key Specifications of Millermatic 212 Welder

This machine uses a DC input current of 28 amperes, with a duty cycle of 60% at 160 amperes.

The net weight of the product is 183 lbs. The welder can use wire sizes from 0.023 inches to 0.035 inches in MIG welding, and 0.030 inches to 0.045 inches in a flux-cored arc.

The machine has an amperage range of 30 to 210 amperes, and four input voltage options ranging from 208 V to 240 V.

The product weighs in at around 183 lbs. The machine can be transported by using running gear or a cart that is easily available.

Major Specifications of the Millermatic 212 Welder

Product Weight183 lbs
Input Voltage208 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V
Amperage Range30 A - 210 A
Input PhaseDC (Single Phase)
MIG ReadyYes
Wire Feed Speed Control1.3 m/min - 17.8 m/min
50 IPM - 700 IPM
Metals that can be weldedStainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum
Weld ThicknessMild Steel - 22 Gauge to 3/8 in.
Aluminum - 14 gauge to 3/8 in.
Duty Cycle160 A at 24.5 V (DC), 60% duty cycle
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage34 V (DC)
Current typeDC (Single Phase)
Power Cord7 ft.
Dimensions (L x W x H)40 x 183 x 30 in³
Wire diameterSolid Steel - 0.023 in to 0.035 in
Stainless - 0.023 in to 0.035 in
Flux Cored - 0.03 in to 0.045 in


How to use the Millermatic 212 Welder

The welder has a very straightforward use and uses some of its key features to make the user more comfortable while welding. The machine has one control panel which consists of five functions –

  • Infinite Voltage Control/ Material Thickness
  • Diagnostic Indicator Light
  • Auto-set Light
  • Power-On Indicator
  • Wire Feed And Speed Control/ Wire Diameter

The Auto-set feature of the product saves the user’s effort in setting up the welding parameters.

The machine also has a manual mode in which the parameters can be set manually with the use of a parameter chart.

The user can then set the voltage and wire feed speed according to the welding conditions and start welding.

The following video shows the product in use:


Warranty / Repairs

Miller offers a 3-year warranty on the Millermatic 212.

The warranty states that the user should inform the company regarding the defect within 30 days of the origin of the defect.

The company will then provide instructions on how to further procedures.

he warranty does not apply to consumables components such as contact tips.

If a user wants to claim the warranty or enquire about any repairs for the product, the following link can be used for doing so.

Customer Review Analysis

Various reviews from a number of sites were analyzed to identify the inclinations of the customers.

A majority of the reviews from the buyers were positive for the welder, most of which acknowledged the durability and the dependability of the welder.

The machine was reviewed to be dependable in terms of voltage compensation for it was very effective in dealing with input voltage fluctuations.

Some buyers have also mentioned the ease with which the welder could be transported due to the implementation of wheels on the cart of the product.

The welder can also be plugged in a local outlet for power making it very convenient to use.

The customers were more than satisfied with the quality and usefulness of the accessories that were included with the Millermatic 212.

The implementation of a heat light which activates when the machine gets too hold was also lauded, this ensured the longevity of the product as per the long-term users.


Pros / Cons of the Millermatic 212 Welder

After reading up on consumer reports and expert comments, we drew the following pros and cons:


  • Ease of usage
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Manual as well as an automatic mode
  • Low maintenance
  • Voltage Compensation
  • Value for money
  • Variable input voltage


  • Lacks a spool gun in the package
  • Shielding gas not included


Recommended Accessories with Millermatic 212 Welder

The package for the product includes the following accessories –

  • Power cord and plug
  • MIG Gun
  • Work cable and clamp
  • Factory-installed dual gas solenoids
  • Argon mix regulator/flow gauge and hose
  • Factory-installed running gear
  • Extra contact tips


What is the welding amperage of the machine?

The machine has a welding amperage ranging from 30 to 210 Amperes

Can this machine run in the 120 V residential plug?

No, the machine needs a plug of 208 V.

What is the warranty we get with this product?

The product has a 3 warranty.

Is it capable of weld stainless steel and aluminum?

Yes, it is capable of welding both the materials.

Is it necessary to change to tips for a different wire?

Yes, the different size of the tip is required for different wire sizes.

Will the 100 series gun fit and work on this welder?

Yes, the miller M100 gun is compatible with the welder.

Where does the gas bottle mount on the product package?

The gas bottle can be placed on a platform behind the rear wheels of the welder.

What is the maximum thickness that the machine can weld?

The product can weld a maximum thickness of 3/8” for both steel and aluminum.

Our Recommendation

We would recommend this product for light fabrication and other domestic uses due to its exceptional features such as the Auto-set feature making it very versatile.

The product is well-built and is easy to operate. The machine is also capable of performing both MIG and Flux-arc welding.

It can handle light to medium-duty work such as racing customizations or restorations, do-it-yourself projects, farm or ranch, metal art, and light manufacturing.

The Millermatic 212 is a great value for money welder and one of the best out of all the ones available.

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