Millermatic 190 MIG Flux Core Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Millermatic 190

The Millermatic 190 delivers superior quality welds and does not disappoint. It has received five-star ratings and is a really good product. It can be used to weld steel, stainless steel, as well as aluminum. This makes it an excellent choice for large-scale fabricators and hard-core welding enthusiasts. Its special features and specifications make it stand out from competing welders. Buying this product will make for a good investment.

Miller Electric is the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding products.

Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, it has been providing high-end welding equipment since 1929.

The Millermatic 190 is a dual-purpose MIG and flux core welder with an input voltage of 240V.

It comes with an all-in-one wire welder which can weld 24 gauge – 5/16 in.

Key Specifications of Millermatic 190

The Millermatic 190 is the simplest Miller MIG welder to set up and use. It features a quick select drive and roll, an angled all aluminum drive system, and an on demand fan.

It comes complete with:

  • 6.5 ft. power cord with plug
  • 10 ft. M-100 MIG gun and cable assembly
  • 10 ft. work cable with clamp
  • Argon and AR/CO2 mix flow gauge regulator with gas hose
  • Hobart spool of .030 in. solid wire
  • Two contact tips for .030 in. wire
  • Quick SelectTM drive rolls for .024 in. or .030/.035 in. solid wire, and .030/.035 in. flux-cored wire

You can see how the Millermatic 190 runs in this video:


Major specifications of the Millermatic 190

ProcessesMIG (GMAW) Flux-cored (FCAW)
Weld thickness24 ga.–5/16 in. steel and 18 ga.–1/4 in. aluminum
Input power240 V, 21.7 A, 60 Hz, single-phase
Rated output140 A at 21 V DC, 40% duty cycle
Amperage range30–190 A
Maximum open circuit voltage45 V
Wire feed speed60–600 ipm
Dimensions21 x 13 x 11 in.
Weight35 lbs
Weldable materialsSteel, stainless steel, and aluminum
Light industrial applicationsLight fabrication, maintenance and repair, auto body, farm/home


How to assemble / Install Millermatic 190

Lift the Millermatic 190 using the handles and locate it near the correct power supply.

Special installation required for areas where gasoline or volatile liquids are present. For further instructions, refer to the manual.

Read the manual carefully for connecting phase input power. Failure to meet given standards may damage the machine.

When assembling the equipment, make sure you tighten connection hardware with proper tools. A loose electrical connection will cause poor weld performance and excessive heating of the work clamp.

How to Use Millermatic 190

Adjust the voltage and wire speed by turning the controls clockwise. The over-temperature light will turn on in case of overheating.

Adjust the Voltage/Material control to appropriate settings and turn the power switch on. If the gun is on for more than three minutes without initiating the arc, it will enter jog mode.

To exit jog mode, release the gun trigger. The owner’s manual comes with a weld parameter chart. Refer to this chart to know which settings will suit you.

You can watch this video to learn how to set up and use the Millermatic 190:



The Millermatic 190 Welder is warranted for three years, parts and labor. Its MIG welding gun is warranted for 90 days, parts and labor.

In case of any defects or failures, contact the Miller Electric customer service. Find their contact details here.

Customer Review Analysis

We analyzed several e-commerce websites and welding forums to understand how customers feel about purchasing the Millermatic 190.

Most buyers are perfectly happy with their product. It delivers the high-quality Miller Electric promises. The Millermatic 190 has more top end power and a better duty cycle than most.

It comes with infinite wire speed. This robust wire drive can handle a longer gun lead than competing products

Perhaps the only con is that the Millermatic 190 falls out of budget for some.


Pros/Cons of Millermatic 190

After doing a detailed analysis of expert comments, customer reviews, and our research, we concluded the following pros and cons of the Millermatic 190:


  • Superior weld quality
  • Infinite wire speed
  • Quick select drive
  • All-in-one wire welder
  • Better duty cycle
  • Fan on demand


  • Expensive


Recommended accessories with Millermatic 190

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Is a spool gun needed to weld aluminum?

To weld aluminum successfully, you need a steady arc. A spool gun helps give you a stable, reliable feed. However, experienced welders can do it without one.

What polarity is needed to weld aluminum?

MIG welding aluminum requires reverse polarity. This can be called DCEP or direct current electrode positive.

What gas should I use for MIG welding aluminum?

100% Argon gives the best performance but you can also use 20% Carbon Dioxide or 50% Helium for MIG welding.

Our Recommendation

The Millermatic 190 is a product from the world’s leading manufacturer of welding equipment. It is known for its quality and will not give unpleasant surprises.

It is durable, easy-to-use, and relatively light in weight. These qualities make it a good buy for fabricators, farm and maintenance repairs, and welding enthusiasts.

While there are slightly cheaper options by Hobart, both companies belong to Illinois Tool Works.

Therefore, if it fits your budget, Millermatic 190 is an excellent choice.

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