Lincoln Power MIG 140C Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Lincoln Power MIG 140C

The Lincoln Power MIG 140C is a versatile, quality welder that can perform GMAW as well as FCAW. It comes ready with a spool gun and has a wire feed speed of 50-500ipm. This is a good machine for light industrial applications, home, farm/ranch, and repairs. The affordable price makes it a good choice for beginners, hobbyists, and small-scale businesses. 

Lincoln Electric Holdings is an American manufacturer of welding machines and accessories. It was founded in 1895 and is based in Euclid, Ohio.

The Lincoln Power MIG 140C is a handheld welder that can deliver an output of 140A. It features diamond core technology, industrial cast aluminum drive, and comes ready with a spool gun.

Key Specifications of Lincoln Power MIG 140C

Lincoln Electric’s Power MIG 140C is designed for 120-volt household power. It comes with drive rolls of 0.025-0.035 for GMAW and 0.030-0.045 for flux-cored MIG welding.

 This machine can weld steel, low to mild alloys of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. It has a very low spatter and a forgiving arc. 

This package includes:

  • Magnum PRO 100L gun, 10 ft. 
  • Gas and gasless nozzles
  • Cable liner
  • Contact tips
  • Work cable and clamp
  • Adjustable gas regulator and hose
  • Spindle adapter
  • Sample spools
  • Tutorial DVD
  • Drive rolls
  • Wire guides

Watch these videos to see the full scope of the Lincoln 140C:



Major specifications of the Lincoln Power MIG 140C

Input Power120V 1-phased 60Hz
Rated Output90A at 19.5V for 20% duty cycle
Input Current20 A
Amperage Range30 A-140 A
Wire Feed Speed50-150 IPM
Maximum open circuit voltage33 V
Dimensions14in. H x 10.15in. W x 18.6in. D
Weight58 lbs


How to assemble / Install Lincoln Power MIG 140C

Installing the Lincoln Power MIG 140C is fairly basic. There’s not much to do really. You can use the operator’s manual to understand relevant specifications. 

Pages A-3 and A-4 give all necessary information and contain a labeled diagram identifying parts. Follow the safety instructions to the T and you’ll be good to go. 

In case you need further guidance, watch this video:


How to Use Lincoln Power MIG 140C

The entire B section of the operator’s manual is about how to operate the Lincoln Power MIG 140C. A total of twelve pages describe controls and settings for GMAW and FCAW. 

The steps are broken down into clear instructions, sectioned according to the machine parts in use.

If you face any trouble, refer to this video for tips:


Warranty / Repairs 

The Lincoln Power MIG 140C comes with a standard three-year industrial warranty.

Lincoln Electric Holdings will assume both the parts and labor expense of correcting defects during the full warranty period.

You can access everything you need to know about warranty, repairs, and customer service on their support page

Customer Review Analysis

We went through several online platforms and welding forums to try and gauge how buyers feel about the Lincoln Power MIG 140C. 

Customers mostly think this is a decent welder. It has a very simple design that makes the welding process easier for beginners. 

The continuous voltage control allows for precise settings. The numeric indicator also lets you know the status of the gear, making it easy to detect problems. 

The machine isn’t as portable as other products because of its weight. But overall, it’s a quality product for its mid-range price. 


Pros/Cons of Lincoln Power MIG 140C

We analyzed several expert comments and consumer reports to come up with the following pros and cons:


  • Can do GMAW and FCAW
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and clean welds
  • Good blending capabilities
  • Durability
  • Affordable
  • Extended Warranty


  • Heavy
  • Needs an extra gas tube
  • Cannot weld thicker material


Recommended accessories with Lincoln Power MIG 140C

Those who bought the Lincoln Power 140C also bought the following accessories:

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Lincoln Electric Magnum PRO 100SG Spool Gun


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Can this machine weld aluminum?

Yes, it can, but you’ll have to change a few things. You will need to get a spool gun for aluminum welding and adjust the tip diameter and speed settings.

Can I weld motor mounts without Argon or CO2?

Yes, but you will have to get a flux wire spool and change the appropriate settings for gas welding.

How long can I use it? Does it have a fan?

The Lincoln Power MIG 140C has a duty cycle of 20% on a ten-minute scale. It has an internal fan that cools it down to prevent overheating.

Can I use this with an external generator?

Yes, you can, if the generator has an output of 20A at 120V or rated for 2400W.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln Power MIG 140C is a great welder for novices, DIY hobbyists, and small shop fabricators. It is easy to use and its price is relatively low. 

There is less spatter leading to cleaner and faster welds. It features diamond core technology and can do both smooth and flux-cored MIG welding. 

The C stands for continuous voltage control that lets you get the precise settings you require. With a three-year warranty that can be extended, the Power MIG 140C makes for a good value for money.

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