Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder

The Easy MIG 140 is a cast aluminum welding machine designed to weld materials like aluminum and steel. The welder is compatible with both gasless and gas versions of flux core welding. The welder can be run from a residential 120V input, making it available to use at your personal convenience for a number of domestic jobs such as DIY workshops, home projects, and repairs or smaller fabrication work.

The MIG 140 Welder runs on a residential input of 120V and is capable of welding material like Steel and Aluminum.

Primarily a welder for light fabrication, automobile repair, or domestic/hobby projects, the MIG 140 can also be used for small industrial applications.

The machine works on the AC/DC power source and comes with a bundle of accessories for both types of flux core welding.

The machine possesses a tension indicator that alarms the user in case of an overload on the welder.

The machine is also spool gun ready for welding aluminum materials, requiring no other equipment.

The welder was manufactured by Lincoln Electric, a company based in Ohio and founded in 1895.

Lincoln Electric is one of the oldest manufacturers of welding accessories and equipment in the country.

The following video gives a brief overview of the welder:

Key Specifications of the Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder

The product weighs about 50 pounds and can run on either AC or DC input.

The machine can weld metals like steel or aluminum and can handle thicknesses from 24 Gauge to 5/16 inches

. The welder has a 20% duty cycle at 90 Amperes. The machine can perform both gas and gasless flux core arc welding and can be compatible with welding wire thicknesses ranging from 0.025 to 0.035 inches.

Major Specifications of the Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder

Product Weight50 lbs
Input Voltage/Frequency120 V/60 Hz
Amperage20 A
Input PhaseAC/DC
MIG ReadyYes
Wire Feed Speed Control50-100 IPM
Metals that can be weldedSteel, stainless steel, aluminum
Weld Thickness24 Gauge to 5/16 in
Duty Cycle90 Amps @ 20%
Wire Speed Range50-100 in/min
Shielding Gas RequiredOptional
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage33 V
Power Cord 6 ft.
Welding Wire Diameters0.025-0.035 in.
Output Range30-140 Amps
Dimensions (L x W x H)17.9 x 10.15 x 13.7 in
ProcessesFlux-core, MIG Welding


How to use the Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder

The Easy MIG 140 has a wide output range and can be used right out of the box.

The welder’s adjustable drive facilitates the wire alignment in the machine. The drive also makes sure that the crushing and tangling of the wire is reduced. The machine employs a tool that is designed to minimize drive roll changeovers.

The welder is equipped with brass to a brass gun connection which increases the conductivity of the machine.

In case of a machine overload, the tension indicator on the machine raises an alarm to notify the user of potential damage. The machine already comes with numerous accessories that help in getting the process started right away.

The machine also has a rigid handle on top of the welder which makes it easier to carry and transport.

Accessories also include a dual-gauge regulator for an instant switch to MIG welding. The machine comes with a welding chart included inside the machine which provides specific information to the user in order to make the process easier.


Lincoln Electric provides a standard 3-year warranty on the welder and a 3-month warranty on the gun and cable assembly.

The product also has a 30-day return policy.

The company will determine the nature of the defect and decide the validity of the warranty claim. The customer can also request a repair in case of any damage.

The company can be enquired through the number 1-888-935-3877 or their website in the support section the link for which can be found here>


Customer Review Analysis

A number of reviews were read and analyzed from numerous retail sites such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Northern Tool, and general disposition towards the welder was identified.

Many buyers have mentioned the exceptional usability and performance of the machine, and how the power output is ample enough for domestic applications. Numerous buyers also stated that the machine’s simplicity helps in achieving better weld results.

The machine’s accessories were also found to be of high quality

The machine is also regarded versatile as it can perform gas and gasless flux core arc welding, while also being compatible with a spool gun.

The customers have also mentioned how the Easy MIG 140 takes away the difficulty barrier in welding processes and they have learned to weld in a short span of time.


Pros/Cons of the Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder

After reading up on consumer reports and expert comments, we drew the following pros and cons:


  • Ease of Usage
  • Can run on the standard household current input
  • Supports MIG and Flux Core Arc
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • High Duty cycle
  • Optional Shielding Gas
  • Durable
  • Quieter operation
  • Smoother wire feed


  • Struggles to weld thicker materials
  • Non-stackable


Recommended Accessories with Lincoln Easy MIG 140 Welder

The following accessories are included with the machine in order to make the machine usable from the get-go –

  • Contact tips
  • MIG gun
  • Clamp and ground cable
  • Spindle adapter
  • Gasless Nozzle
  • Gas Nozzle
  • Gas Regulator
  • Welding wire (two sizes)

Additional accessories that can be used with this product include:

Utility Cart 

A cart for carrying the welder and all its accessories.


Spool gun

A spool gun compatible with the Easy MIG 140



Can this machine be used for gas welding?

Yes, the machine is capable of gas welding.

Can this machine run in the 120 V residential plug?

Yes, the machine can be used through a 120 V plug.

What is the warranty we get with this product?

The product has a standard 3 warranty.

Is it capable of weld stainless steel and aluminum?

Yes, it is capable of welding both the materials, but you will need a spool gun for welding aluminum.

Does this welder require a shielding gas?

This machine has the option of using gas or gas-less flux core arc welding.

What gas can I use with this welder?

The machine can use Carbon Dioxide for steel and Argon for Aluminum.

Our Recommendation

The Lincoln Easy MIG 140 is a very competent welder in today’s market. Due to its many features and capabilities, the welder has a good value for the price it holds.

In addition, the machine is durable and produces a good quality of welds. Also, having a high output range allows the welder to handle thicker materials easily.

The welder also succeeds in versatility as it can perform flux core arc welding in the absence of gas too.

Furthermore, the machine is also compatible with a spool gun which further raises the applications of the machine. As powerful as it is, the welder is also very easy to get used to and use on a daily basis.

We would recommend the Easy MIG 140 welder for domestic, light industrial or shop work.

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