Lincoln AC 225 Stick Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Lincoln AC 225 Welder

Lincoln AC 225 stick welder is an excellent welder at a very reasonable price. It is an easy to use and easy to install welder which makes it perfect for a small welding job. It is the best long-proven welder machine produced by Lincoln.

Lincoln electric holding, Inc. is an American multinational company found in the year 1895.

Since then the company has been a global manufacturer of welding products, equipment and consumables, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting equipment, and even robotic welding systems.

For those new to the concept of welding- it is a process where two materials (usually metals or thermoplastics) are heated up to their melting point and then join together and cooled causing fusion.

Different sources of heat such as gas flame, an electric arc, a laser, an electron beam, and ultrasound are generally used to melt the substance that needs to be welded.

The AC 225 arc welder is Lincoln electric oldest best-selling welder in the market.

Its superior arc quality, design, and affordability make it one of the best in its class.

The AC 225 stick welder produces an extremely smooth AC arc for welding a wide variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

The AC 225 welder is a fantastic welder that does the job, it is meant to do.

Now, let us have a look at the general specifications of this stick welder.

Watch an overview of the product here:

Key Specifications of the Lincoln AC 225 Welder

The Lincoln electric AC225 arc welder features a wide range of welding amperage of 40 Amp-225 Amp for versatile use, a smooth AC arc, 225 amp AC outlet for 3/16 inches dia general purpose mild steel electrodes, and other 5/32 inch electrodes, the easy to operate selector switch ensures a uniform arc each time.

It is designed for operation on metals with a 16 gauge or heavier and on a wide variety of metals including steel, cast iron, and stainless steel.

Major Specifications of the Lincoln AC 225 Welder

Maximum welding wire size0 inches
Product Depth14.75 inches
Product Height26.375 inches
Product Width18.75 inches
Duty Cycle20%
Engine PowerElectric (AC)
Hertz60 Hz
Input Power220 volts
Material Application Thickness0.225 inches
Maximum Rod Size0.1875 inches
Maximum Amperage Output225 amps
Minimum Amperage Output40 amps
Minimum welding wire size0 inches
Rated Output230 volts
Manufacturer Warranty3 Years



The warranty details on the product are as follows:

3-year warranty from the date of purchase on items such as welding machines, wire feeders, and plasma cutting machines.
90-day warranty on gun and cable assembly.

Customers need to register online at [email protected] or FAX: (216) 481-2309 for the availing warranty here  or visit

Or call on +1.888.935.3877

Customer Review Analysis

Let’s have a look at what the customers say about this product

Though one of the oldest welding machines by Lincoln electric, the ac 225 stick welder still has a huge fan base. Users find the tool to be of the utmost quality and durability.

Experienced users of the ac 225 highly recommend this power-tool to others as it does the job it is meant to do.

While there are other new welding machines in the market, many first-time users and beginners prefer this tool over the others not only because of its performance and ease of use but also as it one of the most trusted tools in the market.

You can hardly find an unhappy customer of this product. Except for the few who have faced issues due to improper shipping.

Overall, from the general consensus, it can be said that users’ experience with the AC 225 is above par and most of them absolutely love this product.


Pros/Cons of the Lincoln AC 225 Welder

After reading up on consumer reports and expert comments, we drew the following pros and cons:


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Good design
  • Sturdy
  • Very Stable
  • High quality
  • Good consumer service


  • Bit heavy


Recommended Accessories

Customers who bought Lincoln AC 225 Welder also bought:

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Can this machine be used for aluminum welding?

It is possible to stick weld aluminum but welding using this tool would be quite tricky. And that’s why we suggest you look for an AC/DC welder or any other welding machine that is specifically designed to weld aluminum.

Is this a good welding machine to start off as a beginner?

Yes, it is a good welding machine for first-timers and beginners. It is affordable and does all that it is meant to do. Many experienced users suggest this welding machine to beginners.

Our Recommendation

Based on our research, the AC 225 welder is one of Lincoln’s best-selling products of all time.

Although it lacks some modern technology available in the newer models, it is still a great welder for light to medium-duty use in a small workshop or a garage.

And that why it is very popular among beginners as well as experienced welders who have now retired.

The only major drawback we found was since it is an old model it cannot be used to weld a variety of metals like most welding machines. But, it can be used for doing small welding jobs.

Though Lincoln’s AC 225 welder might be one of the oldest welders available in the market, its performance and efficiency still make it a tough competitor.

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