Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Hobart Handler 210 MVP

Whether you’re a professional or a beginner at welding, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder is designed to meet all your demands. With its 7 voltage settings, ease of use and multiple safety features, it ensures efficiency of work and reliability. This welder has a durable construction and easy installation, allowing you to finish the job at hand quickly and without any hassles.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP Mig Welder is sold by Hobart Welding Products.

Established in 1917, it is a well-known manufacturer of a range of industry-level welding and cutting products for different kinds of production, farming, maintenance, and repair activities.

These products cater to both the professional and the DIY-enthusiast and are relied upon for their durability and versatility of use.

The 210 MVP Mig Welder by Hobart has multiple voltage settings, allowing for a variety of applications including maintenance, repair, construction, boats, farms, and so on.

It offers the operator with an ease of use and installation which saves time and effort.

Its versatility is accompanied with a reliability that makes this product quite popular among buyers.

Key Specifications of Hobart Handler 210 MVP


The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Wire Welder has the capability to support dual voltage with this tool’s multi-voltage plug (MVP). Its two voltage settings are 230 V and 115 V. They operate at 150 A and 90 A, respectively. 

The MVP makes it easy to plug in the welder to a receptacle as all you need to do is find a receptacle and choose a plug that fits it. This process requires no extra tools, making it even more efficient.

The Hobart Handler 210 features infinite wire feed speed control. This provides the user a superior level of control of the output parameters.

Allowing for better arc performance and less spatter for an improved bead appearance, this feature makes operation and getting the desired results easier and more efficient.

This feature also decreases the need for clean up and saves the operator’s time. 

Setup of this welder is made easier with the Quick Select Drive Roll System that offers three grooves. Two of these are for differently sized solid wires and the other is suited for a flux-cored wire. 

Changing the settings for different wires, gases, materials and thicknesses can be done quickly since this tool comes with a Door Chart with initial settings for each of these parameters which can be referenced anytime to make work more efficient.

This can be extremely useful for the professional worker looking to save time or the beginner that needs an accurate starting point.

The easy-to-install SpoolRunner 100 Spool Gun improves the feedabililty of this product. It is easy to use and easy to connect as it requires no special control box or adaptor to be installed on the Handler.

This tool consists of short circuit protection to protect the tool from current overload and self-resetting thermal overload which protects the power transformer.

Further, the efficiency of the wire feed system is ensured by current-limited motor protection which safeguards the system from overload.

All these safety features are aimed at elongating the life of the unit and ensuring maximum possible reliability and efficiency.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP has an industrial cast aluminum wire drive system which provides a high level of durability to the unit.

It also has a built-in contractor that makes the wire electrically cold until the trigger is pulled, ensuring user safety.

Polarity changeover is most convenient and accessible with the tip holder, making this product as user-friendly as possible.

If you want a closer look at the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder and all its features, check out this video by Hobart Welding Products right here:


Major Specifications of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP

Tool StyleMIG Welder
Material TypeMild Steel
Material Thickness¼ in. – 3/8 in.
Input Voltage110 / 115 / 120 V
220 / 230 / 240 V
Input Phase1-Phase
Input Hz60 Hz
Current TypeDC
Rated Output115 V, 90 A at 20%
230 V, 150 A at 30%
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage34 V DC
Weld OutputCV
Wire Feed Speed40 IPM – 770 IPM
Net Width10.625 in.
Net Height12.375 in.
Net Length19.5 in.
No. of Voltage Settings7
Quick Change Drive Roll SystemYes
Installation MethodGas welding
Weldable MetalsStainless steel, steel, aluminum
79 lbs
Warranty Duration3 year limited
Suitable forMaintenance, construction, repair, auto body, boats/marine, farm/ranch, metal art


How to Install Hobart Handler 210 MVP

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder comes pre-assembled. The SpoolRunner 100 Spool Gun, however, needs to be installed on the 210 MVP.

This process is quick and can be executed easily. You simply need to plug the power pin of the spool gun into the feedhead of the Handler and attach the trigger lead. 

To operate the spool gun, you only need to flip the switch on the inside panel but before that, you must ensure that you have installed the correct wire and gas for the task at hand. Your tool is now ready to start welding.

How to Use Hobart Handler 210 MVP

For changing the voltage, you simply need to line up the arrows and screw down the plug that you need to work with.

Then you can plug the tool into any regular outlet and the machine will automatically detect which voltage to operate on. 

To operate the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder, you simply have to switch it on and select the desired speed from the Wire Speed Control that is present in the control panel of the tool. You are now ready to start welding. 

For a quick glance at how to change voltage and a look at the control panel of this tool, here’s a short demonstration video by Hobart Welding Products:



Hobart Welding Products offers a 3 year limited warranty on the Hobart Handler 210 MVP Mig Welder.

This warranty can only be availed by the original retail purchaser of the unit and begins on the date of purchase of the equipment, ensuring that the said equipment is free from any defects in material and workmanship.

This warranty does not apply to any second-hand or reconditioned products.

In case of any defects, you can contact Hobart for repairs or exchanges, if the situation so demands. This 3 year warranty is applicable on all parts of the unit.

If the buyer in any way damages the product through misuse, abuse, self-repair, and so on, the warranty would stand null and void. 

Further, Hobart is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages to person or property, occurring due to the operation of this product.  

If you have any questions about the warranty offered by Hobart or want to avail the same, you can call the customer service at 1-800-332-3281 from 8am to 5pm EST.

Customer Review Analysis

Purchasers of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP Mig Welder have mostly left quite positive reviews online. They enjoy the ease of use of this product as well as its versatile applicability.

Quick voltage changes, initial settings chart, infinite control on the wire feed speed, and the various safety features are some of the things about this Handler that are most often praised.

The main problem faced by users of this product is its heavy weight.

For operators that need to carry around this welder for jobs on the road or around a jobsite, it is quite difficult to lug around this unit.

A carrying case or rack is a necessary accessory to buy when purchasing this product unless you are only going to use it in a workshop.

Many customers also consider the price of this product too high but with all the innovative features making welding work so much easier, this unit’s price tag certainly seems justified. With the Hobart Handler 210, you can experience superior performance and unquestionable reliability.


Pros/Cons of Hobart Handler 210 MVP

After reading up on consumer reports and expert comments, we drew the following pros and cons:


  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • Infinite control on wire feed speed
  • 7 position voltage control at 230 V
  • 4 position voltage control at 115 V
  • Multi-Voltage Plug for easy voltage changes
  • 10-foot MIG welding gun
  • Initial Settings chart helps select the right settings to begin welding
  • Sloped control panel for better accessibility
  • Thermal overload protection protects power transformer
  • Short circuit protection protects from current overload
  • Current-limited motor protection protects wire feed system from overload
  • Tip holder with convenient storage for spare tips
  • Cast aluminum drive system for extra durability
  • Suitable for a range of applications</li


  • Ground wire is stiff
  • The ON/OFF switch is stiff
  • Slightly high on the price scale
  • Quite heavyweight
  • Not easy to carry around and requires a cart for transport


Recommended Accessories with Hobart Handler 210 MVP

Hobart SpoolRunner 100 Spool Gun


MIG Welder Cover


Hobart Small Running Gear/Cylinder Rack



Is this welder made in the US or is it a third party import?

This unit is assembled in Ohio but all of the components are not manufactured in the US.

Is the 3 year limited warranty valid if the product is purchased through Amazon?

As long as the product is purchased as new, the 3 year limited warranty will hold valid. This warranty is only available to the original retail purchaser and thus, reconditioned or a second-hand product will have no warranty.

Is this a good choice for someone with no experience in welding?

Yes, the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder can be operated easily and comes with a chart of initial settings to get you started with the welding process even if you have no prior experience.

Is the feed head plastic or metal?


What is the biggest spool size that fits in this machine?

This machine can fit up to a 10-pound spool inside.

Our Recommendation

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder might seem a bit expensive but a quick look at all the features of this product would prove that the price tag is worth it where this tool is concerned.

Not only does it offer a wide range of applicability and versatility, it is also easy to operate with the help of a simple ON/OFF switch and quick voltage changes.

This welder is slightly heavy in weight and, thus, may cause some issues of portability. However, it does come with a carrying case designed to simplify the transport process.

Since it is such a durable tool, it would be extremely useful on the job site and a little effort in transport would go a long way in saving time on your welding jobs.

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