Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Hobart Handler140

Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder is the right tool for your basic welding needs. It is reliable, well-built, easy to use, and works well with your home electric current. This powerful welder produces strong welds with a single pass and is suitable for both professionals and beginners alike.

Hobart is a household name in the welding world. Founded in the year 1917, the US-based company designs and manufactures a full range of welding and cutting products for professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

The Handler 140 is the most popular MIG welder in the Hobart product line.

It is compact, portable, versatile, and capable of welding both thin and thick materials.

This high-performance welder can be used for construction, maintenance, home repairs, heavy farm projects, auto-body work, etc.

Key Specification of Hobart Handler 140

One of the best in the category, the Handler 140 operates on 115V, allowing you to use it with an electric power outlet in your home.

This compacted welding unit weighs just 57 pounds, so it is not too heavy to move about.

It features a 5-position voltage control selector, which ensures a smooth, steady arc, regardless of the thickness of the material being used.

Hobart Handler 140 comes with flux-cored wire and can weld 24 gauge mild steel up to ¼ inch in thickness. It has a decent duty cycle, capable of running at 20 percent at 90 Amps.

This means you can use the machine for 2 minutes and allow it to rest (cool down) for 8 minutes. 

The device also boasts a dual-groove drive roll that makes changing from one wire size to another a cinch and has a sloped control panel which increases visibility to the user interface, making adjustments easier. Its maximum power output is 140 A, while the minimum output is 25A.

This product includes a10-ft long MIG gun and ground clamps, which enable you to work without having to drag the machine around.

And it is equipped with a dual gauge regulator, gas hose, power cord, weld setup guide, owner’s manual, to mention a few.

This welding tool packs several safety features, too. These include a self-resetting thermal overload system, a mechanism that helps keep the wire safe until you’re ready to pull the trigger and short circuit protection which helps against a dangerously high surge of electric current. 

Watch the overview of Hobart Handler 140 here:


Major Specifications of the Hobart Handler 140 

TitleHandler® 140 MIG Welder
Material ThicknessMild Steel 24.00 ga - 1/4 inch
Weldable MetalsSteel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Input Voltage110/115/120 V
Input Phase1-Phase
Input Hz60 Hz
Current TypeDC
Rated Output90 A @ 20% duty cycle
Max Open Circuit Voltage28 VDC
Amperage Range25 A - 140 A
Wire Feed Speed40 IPM - 700 IPM
Weld OutputCV
Net Width10.625 in
Net Height 12.375 in
Net Length19.5 in
Net Weight
57 lbs
Warranty3 Year

How to Assemble / Install Hobart Handler 140

Hobart Handler 140 is straightforward to set up. It comes with everything needed for easy installation, including a comprehensive manual, settings chart, and a guide.

Based on your preference, you can set up the machine to be used either as a flux core welder or as a MIG welder.

For simple step-by-step instructions on how to assemble Hobart Handler 140, check the YouTube video below:


How to Use Hobart Handler 140

This MIG/flux core welder is very easy to use. All you need to do is connect the 5-feet power cord to an electric power outlet, switch on the machine, and you are good to go. 

It has simple control settings that you can easily adjust based on your welding needs and features a dual groove drive roll, which allows for quick change of wires.

Check out this video if you want to see Hobart Handler 140 in use:



As with all welders produced by Hobart, the Handler 140 carries a 5/3/1 industrial warranty.

Within the period of this limited warranty, the manufacturer promises to repair or replace any warranty parts or components that fail due to defect in material or workmanship.

 For more information about the warranty, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/Hobart-500559-Handler-Welder-115V/dp/B009X43F38

Customer Review Analysis 

We visited leading online portals and forums to know what customers are saying about Hobart Handler 140. 

In our analysis, we found that many customers consider the product a great a MIG welder. It is easy to use, portable and produces solid welds. One great thing about this machine is that it uses standard household current, making it a good option for beginners.

The included manual contains all the information you need to easily assemble the welder, even if you don’t know the first thing about machines.

Customers also love the built-in safety features that offer protection against high current, motor damage, and thermal overload. 

However, many of the owners complained that the machine is on the heavy side and can be difficult to move around.

Another major complaint is that it is not compatible with generators. Despite these, Hobart Handler 140 still has a good approval rating among buyers.


Pros/Cons of Hobart Handler 140

Here are the good and not-so-good things about this machine based on customer reviews, expert comments, and product specification:


  • Uses standard household current (which is perfect for beginners)
  • Industrial build quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with built-in safety features which protect the unit from thermal overload, scalding, and high current
  • Offers excellent arc performance at all times
  • Affordably priced
  • Includes a handy manual, a long hose, and a thickness gauge


  • Not compatible with most generators
  • You may need to purchase a cart if you will be moving it around frequently
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Short power cord (could be longer)



What is the duty cycle?

Hobart Handler 140 is rated 20 percent at 90 Amp. With this duty cycle, the machine needs to be rested (allowed to cool) 8 minutes for every 2 minutes of use. It can even be used to weld for much longer before needing to cool it down, depending on the setting.

Can it be used without gas?

Yes, of course.  It can efficiently weld tall pipes and metals of about 1/8 inch in thickness without gas. You will need to use gas for thicker metals, though.

Can you weld aluminum?

Yes, the machine can be used to weld different metals, including aluminum.  However, you will have to buy a spool gun and 100 % argon if you want to use it for aluminum.

Our Recommendation

The Handler 140 is a premium quality welder from the industry giants, Hobart.

It welds both thin and thick materials perfectly and uses a standard household current, making it a good choice for beginners. It is versatile, small-sized, and portable and boasts built-in safety features to keep you safe all the time.

With a helpful user manual included, the machine is very easy to use and a breeze to set up. The best part, it comes at a very affordable price and carries a long-term, limited warranty. 

On the downside, this MIG welder cannot be used with most generators. Also, it is only ideal for smaller to medium projects and is a little bit too heavy to move around often.

Overall, Hobart Handler 140 makes a great welding unit and is an option you will want to consider if you are looking for a reliable, user-friendly welder that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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