Everlast 255 EXT Welder Review

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In Brief: Review of Everlast 255 EXT

The Everlast 255 EXT welder is an advanced digitally controlled TIG and Stick welding machine. The welder’s microprocessor and IGBT module design allow it to deliver a stable arc performance along with being convenient to use and setup. The machine can be run through a 120 V as well as a 240 V source. The welder also has a high output for its class and can work on heavier jobs as well.

Manufactured by California-based Everlast Power Products, the product is one in the range of welding machines provided by the company.

Everlast was founded in 2004 and is one of the country’s leading innovators in the world of welding.

Key Specifications of Everlast 255 EXT Welder

2019 Everlast PowerTIG 255 EXT Digital Ac Dc Tig Stick Pulse Welder Dual Voltage Inverter-based Ac Dc

The EXT 255 is often more suited for professional purposes more than for beginners. The product package includes most of the accessories required to get started with the process of welding.

The product was designed to make it more durable and reliable than its predecessors.

The EXT 255 is also equipped with some extra safety features eliminating the risk of physical harm to the user.

The most prominent feature of the welder is its memory feature.

The welder can store various settings from the user’s previous jobs and can be accessed again through a digital display if a recurring need arises.

This feature significantly reduced setup time for each job. This feature is available on both Stick as well as TIG welding type.

The product weighs 85 pounds and can weld steel and aluminum as well.

The duty cycle for the EXT 255 is 70 % at 250 Amperes in 240 Volts. The machine can be run from an AC as well as DC source.

It can produce a high output of up to 250 Amperes.

The Everlast 255 EXT can weld aluminum and steel with a thickness under ½ inches in a single pass and over 1-inch thickness in multiple passes.

It is also capable of welding 0.006 inch and 0.005-inch aluminum thickness.

Here is a quick summary of the specs – 

TypeTIG, Stick
Product Weight85 lbs.
Input Voltage120V / 240 V
Amperage250 A
Input PhaseAC/DC
Maximum Operating Amps29 An at 120V
27 An at 240V
Materials that can be weldedMild steel
Stainless Steel
Duty Cycle
For 120V - 60% at 150 A / 16 V
100% at 120 A / 14.8 V
For 240V - 60% at 250A / 20V
100% at 200 A/18V
Duty Cycle
For 120V, 60% at 120 A / 24.8 V 100% at 90 A / 23.6 V
For 240V 60% at 225 A/ 29 V
100% at 175 A / 27 V
Dimensions (L x W x H)24 x 9 x 17 in3
Start TypeSolid State HF, Lift Start

How to use the Everlast 255 EXT Welder

The EXT 255 operates on 120 Volts as well as 240 Volts of the source.

The maximum output during 120 Volts mode is 150 Amperes for TIG, and 120 Amperes for Stick. The EXT 255 comes with a digital display and memory feature.

This display and memory can be used to store or program modules for different types of welding operations.

The welder’s spot weld timer allows the operator to make more consistent spot welds when tacking or welding a sheet metal job.

The machine’s dedicated purge button facilitates easy purging of the gas, without initiating arc flow.

The machine also notifies the user in case of equipment failure using its built-in fault diagnostics.

With the Everlast TIG 255 EXT, you get four waveforms to choose from giving you the ultimate control. Choose from Sine Wave, Advanced Square Wave, Soft Square Wave, and Triangular Sine Wave.

The machine has two “Easy Start-Up” modes added to keep the operation simple.

The unit is also enabled with hot start time, hot start intensity and arc force control adjustments, making it compatible with E6010 or E7018 welding wires.

The following video gives an overview of the product:


Warranty / Repairs

The product comes with a warranty of 5 years on all parts of the equipment.

The company can also be contacted for potential replacements and repairs through the details given below.

The company can be reached through the telephone number 1-877-755-WELD (9353) or a customer can write to the address 380, Swift Avenue, Unit 12, South San Francisco, CA 94080.

Website – https://www.everlastgenerators.com/ 

Customer Review Analysis

After an analysis of reviews given by buyers on retail sites like Amazon, Home Depot and Forney, a consensual opinion on the product was identified.

A large number of customers gave positive reviews and this was also the case for professional welders.

The users pointed out the good penetrating power of the machine which they noticed while working on thicker metals.

The machine was also deemed reliable due to its stable and safe arc properties.

The product is was also recommended for a variety of applications relating to farm, fabrication, production and industrial maintenance by many buyers.


Pros / Cons of the Everlast 255 EXT Welder


  • Easy setup and use
  • Can run on the standard household current input
  • Dual voltage system
  • High output
  • High duty cycle
  • Digital display and memory feature
  • Reliable and consistent arc
  • Smooth start


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Heavier in its category


Recommended Accessories with Everlast 255 EXT Welder

The following accessories are included with the machine in order to make the machine usable from the get-go –

  • TIG torches
  • Electrode holder and cable
  • Foot pedal
  • Gas Regulator
  • Ground Clamp

Additional accessories include –

Power Cool W300 Water Cooler

This is a water cooling equipment designed to work with the EXT 255 and provide maximum cooling capacity.

Everlast PowerCool W300 Water Cooler


Can this machine run in the 120V residential plug?

Yes, the machine can be used through a 120V plug.

Does this welder has a memory save system?

Yes, this welder has a memory save feature to store settings.

What input phase does this welder run on?

This welder runs on AC as well as DC input.

Is it capable of weld stainless steel and aluminum?

Yes, it is capable of welding both the materials.

Can we save settings for individual processes?

Yes, it is capable of storing distinct process parameters for further use.

Our Recommendation

The welder is reliable and powerful. It is recommended for professionals and medium to heavy-duty work due to its high power output.

The welder comes with the necessary equipment needed for operating with TIG and Stick welding techniques. The most important feature that the machine boasts is its memory and display, which can be used for storing settings for recurring jobs.

The downsides of the product are its weight and price as it exceeds its competition in both of those characteristics. The welder is also not recommended for beginner welders as they can get overwhelmed by its power.

However, the machine is ideal for enthusiasts who need high output from their machines. The machine can also be successfully used for industrial and small manufacturing jobs.

Verdict – Highly Recommended

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