Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder Review

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In Brief: Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder Review

Eastwood TIG 200 is a low-cost TIG welder with all the features needed to create excellent welds at all times. It is compact, user-friendly, and super easy to move around. It is a good choice for professionals, hobbyists or DIY-ers looking for an efficient, inexpensive TIG welder for their projects.

Eastwood is an American provider of automotive restoration solutions, based in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. 

Set up in the year 1978, the company offers a wide range of products, including auto paints, welding and metal fabrication equipment, powder coating, pressure blasters, and more.

Eastwood TIG 200 is a powerful TIG welder designed for home auto fabricators, pro technicians and do-it-yourselfers.

It is versatile, portable, easy to use and sets up in minutes.

This machine can be used for precise welding of thinner gauge materials up to 1/4 inch in thickness and works well with both AC and DC.

Key Specifications of Eastwood TIG 200

Weighing approximately 45 lbs, Eastwood TIG 200 is portable and very easy to move whenever, wherever needed. It runs on either 110VAC or 220VAC and has two modes of operation, AC and DC, which are used to weld aluminum or stainless steel respectively.

The TIG 200 produces clean, splutter-free welds and includes a 240/120 V adapter cord that makes switching from AC to DC easier.

The unit also features a voltage-sensing inverter technology, which automatically switches the welder from 110V to 210V based on the input.

One impressive thing about this machine is its duty cycle, rated 60 % on normal amperage. So, it can work continuously for 6 minutes before shutting down automatically, allowing you to get much done in one fell swoop.

Moreover, it boasts a stick weld feature that can be very helpful when working outdoor or on dirty metals.

 Eastwood TIG 200 comes with an adjustable foot pedal for controlling amperage, enabling accurate welding of aluminum and making bench welding of thinner materials a breeze.

 Another big plus is the high-frequency start feature which ensures an instant arc strike with zero tungsten contamination.

The product is equipped with everything needed to start welding straight out of the box, including shielding gas regulator and hose, a WP-17 Series TIG torch, gas nozzles and collets, tungsten rods and more.

It is backed by Eastwood’s hassle-free return policy and has a three-year warranty. 

Major Specifications of the Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC Welder

Approximate Weight45 lbs
Overall Dimensions19.1" Long x 9.8” Wide x 20.0” Tall
Input VoltageSingle-Phase 110vAC or 220vAC (±15%) @ 50-60Hz
Input Amperage28 amps
Output Amperage10-200 amps AC/DC
AC Welding Frequency60 Hz
Maximum Output No-Load Voltage56V DC
TIG Welding AC Duty Cycle120VAC 60% @ 145 amps, 220VAC 60% @ 190 amps
STICK Welding Duty Cycle120VAC 60% @ 140 amps, 220VAC 60% @ 185 amps
Post Gas Flow2-8 seconds
Pre Gas Flow0.1-1.0 second
Remote Foot Pedal And ControlYes
Foot Pedal cable length7 Feet
TorchStandard WP-17, 12 foot long
Torch ControlFinger on/off control/Variable foot pedal
Power Cord Receptacle PlugNEMA 6-50R


How to Assemble/Install Eastwood TIG 200

With all the essential parts included in the package, Eastwood TIG 200 is not difficult to set up. You only need to connect the ground, shielding gas regulator, Gun trigger/ foot pedal, etc., to start welding in no time.

For more details on how to assemble the unit, check the instruction manual or watch the YouTube video below:


How to Use Eastwood TIG 200

This machine is extremely easy to use for experienced welders and even for a novice once they get the hang of it.

To use it, you need to plug the unit to a power source, sharpened the tungsten to avoid contamination, adjust the settings based on the size and type of the material, and you are good to go. 

Please check out this video to see Eastwood TIG 200 in use:



Eastwood backs this welder with a hassle-free. 3-year warranty. So, buyers will pay no cost to have the machine repaired or replaced if there’s any defect due to material or workmanship.

The warranty is, however, void if the machine is not properly installed, or abnormally used. For additional information on the warranty, visit: https://www.eastwood.com/our-guarantee

Customer Review Analysis

We checked major online portals and leading welding discussion forums to know what people are saying about Eastwood TIG 200.

In our analysis, we found that many customers have good things to say about the machine. They love the fact that it can run on either 110 or 220 V, uses both AC and DC and is super easy to use.

Customers also like the unit’s compact and lightweight design, making it easy to move wherever needed. Best of all, it is affordably priced and carries a long-term warranty.

On the other hand, there are complaints that the welder stops working after a while and that the included touch sometime gets too hot. Overall, Eastwood TIG 200 is a great product and is highly rated by most buyers.


Pros/Cons of Eastwood TIG 200

Based on many customer reviews, except comments and product specification, here are the pros and cons of the welder:


  • Good build quality
  • Low-priced
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use and install
  • Works Great
  • Backed with the warranty


  • Not long-lasting
  • The torch overhead




Can I weld 1/4 inch steel on 110/120V?

Short answer, No. You cannot weld steel of about 1×4 inch thick when on 110/120 volts.  The machine needs to be running on 220 V for you to be able to do so.

Does this unit ship with an electrode holder (stinger) for stick welding?

No, the package does not include an electrode holder.  You will need to purchase that separately.

Our Recommendation

Eastwood TIG 200 is a great TIG welder for both professionals and beginners alike.

It is affordable, versatile, weighs a few pounds, and very easy to install and use.

Though it also has its downsides, as some users complained that it doesn’t last long and tends to overheat.

Despite these, it still makes a decent choice and is therefore recommended for those looking for a budget-friendly welder that gets the job done.

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