Eastwood MIG 135 Review

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In Brief: Review of Eastwood Mig 135

Eastwood’s MIG 135 welder is a perfect combination of performance, reliability and affordability. This compact and lightweight welding machine can be used to weld metal as thin as 24-gauge and as thick as ¼ inch. It is a great tool for simple and innovative DIY projects like home decor crafts, redecorating or a quick repair.

Since 1978, Eastwood MIG 135 has offered 4,000+ unique solutions to the challenges facing restoration and customization and aim to ensure its place in the community.

Welding is a process where two materials (metals) are heated up to their melting point and then join together and cooled causing fusion.

In a metal inert gas (MIG) welding an electric arc formed between a consumable MIG wire electrode and a workpiece which in turn heats the workpiece metal, which causes them to metal and join together.

Eastwood’s 135 welder is a MIG welder, specially designed for the DIY enthusiast.

This welder comes as a kit with all the basic parts needed to weld 24-gauge to ¼ inch mild steel, stainless steel and sheet metal.

The welder operates on a 120V power supply and weighs only around 55 pounds which means you can carry it anywhere and everywhere. 

As it comes with a precision-drive motor, a regulator with hose wire and other MIG welding equipment, all you need to buy is a CO2/ Argon cylinder.

Also, the “Quickset” weld chart acts as a cheat sheet to help you with the correct settings for each material thickness for flawless welds.

Watch an introductory video about Eastwood MIG 135 here:

Key Specifications of the Eastwood Mig 135

Eastwood MIG 135 welder can be used to weld mild and stainless steel which a thickness of just 24 gauge and can weld up to 3/16 inches with solid core wire and ¼ inch with flux core wire.

It also features a welding range of 25-135 amp and can also be powered by a standard 120 V household current.

Output Amperage Range25-135 A
Maximum Output Voltage 28 V (DC)
Maximum Input Amperage20 Amp
Input Voltage120 V (AC)
Power Cord Length6 inch
Rated Duty Cycle20% at 90 A
Wire Feed Rate40-450 IPM
Welding Wire Spool Sizes4-8 inch, up to 11 LBS
Weight56 Lbs.
Product dimensions9.5 inch X 16.1 inch X 14.5 inch
Wire Type & DiameterSolid: 0.023-0.030 in
Stainless: 0.023-0.030 in
Flux Cored: 0.030-0.035 in


Eastwood warranty period starts from the date of purchase. 

  • Eastwood MIG 135 welder has a 3-year warranty on material, workmanship and defects.
  • The manufacturer offers a 60-days return policy with a full refund.

Customer Comments

Let’s have a look at what the customers say about this product.

This product has a 90% approval rating among customers. Users claim that the product works as advertised and considers it to be one of the best welders in the market for DIYers.

The tool also fits perfectly with parts from other brands. 

Many users agree that it performs flawlessly when it comes to carrying out light or medium work.

It comes with a kit that contains all the necessary items for your initial welds and the best thing is that you get all this, at a price cheaper than other brand welders of the same capacity.

Finding negative comments for this product is like finding a needle in a haystack. Some users have reported being unhappy with the quality of the product.

Finally, based on user ratings, it can be said that the product has managed to meet its consumer satisfaction goal.


Pros/Cons of the Eastwood Mig 135

Based on a large number of customer reviews, specifications, expert comments, here are the key pros and cons Eastwood MIG 135:


  • Portable
  • Powerful enough to weld thin sheets
  • Well written manual
  • Good quality
  • Can be used in any 120-volt power outlet


  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty welding


Recommended Accessories with the Eastwood Mig 135

Customers who bought the Eastwood Mig 135 also bought these:

Eastwood MIG Welder Consumables Kit

Flux Core Wire 0.030in

Solid Mig Wire 0.030in



Can you use straight CO2 gas with this wire?

It is recommended to run the standard 75/25 welding gas while you use solid wire. Where 75/25 means 75% Argon and 25% CO2.

What is the duty cycle of this welder?

Eastwood MIG 135 welder has a 20 % duty cycle at 90amps, which gives you enough time for many light fabrication welds.

Our Recommendation

Although not a substitute for a professional-grade welding machine the Eastwood 135 performs flawlessly when it comes to performing light duty welding.

So, if you’re a hobbyist or a beginner and are looking for an entry-level welder that is consistent and easy to use then Eastwood 135 welder is the perfect tool for you. 

One might find the tool disappointing if they are looking for something that performs heavy-duty or industrial grade welding that is powerful that gives a more detailed finish similar.

Therefore, users looking for such a professional outcome should invest in something more expensive.

Although there are some drawbacks to using this powerful tool, I would argue that there are far more benefits.

The tool is one of the best in the market for DIYers who need all who need performance and affordability in a single package.

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