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Our Mission at WelderPick is simple - provide unbiased and in-depth information so that our readers can make informed buying decisions.

A warm welcome to welderpick.com , your home to best in-depth reviews and information on welding tools, accessories, tricks, techniques and more. 

Whether you are a beginner, DIY-er, or professional, we have something for all of you. The reason for this is simple - there are so many welding tools, accessories, and products introduced in the market every year that it is impossible to keep track of them for one person.

A TIG welder which was best a year ago may not be best now. But, how will you find this out as this is such a time-consuming process?

That is where we come in.

Our Research Methodology

Our Secret sauce is our unique research methodology, which we have perfected over a long time.
There are three components of our research process -


Experience & Expert Advice

The first step of our process serves as the bedrock of our work. This involves putting to uses our own experience with welding and learning from experts in the field. We follow experts in the field through books, YouTube channels, and email exchanges.


Research, Research and More Research

We are passionate about research. We spend tens of hours researching on the topics we write. This includes going through company websites, product manuals, product specifications, making comparison tables, and so on.


Listening to Customers

Let's accept it, no one can test all products, and even when you test, your judgment may be biased. To solve this, we analyse hundreds of comments left by real customers on e-commerce websites, forums, company websites, and so on. This gives us enormous insights into the product, which otherwise would not have been possible.

How Are Our Articles Structured?

Thanks to our long term interaction with readers, our own experience, and extensive research, we know what will be valuable to our readers. We divide our review articles into key sections to ensure comprehensiveness and readability, they are -

  • A comprehensive buyer guide tailor made for a product category
  • Detailed reviews of individual products with info such as USPs, Pros / Cons and so on
  • Answers to FAQs which are important to make a buying decesion
  • Videos and Infographics to help understand the working of a product or a concept
  • Our Top Recommendation - based on our rigorous research process  

"Great resource to find out the best welding stuff over the internet. Keep up the good work!"

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Here are some FAQs to help you understand more about work, policy and other aspects - 

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Thank you for taking the time to read about us

- WelderPick Team!

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